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Roobee Airdrop! Получи бесплатно 100 ROOBEE / Биржа EXMO / ROOBEE IEO

This project at the was supported by crypto-whale on pre-IEO stage roobee ieo invested 4. MVP is already working - the total amount of transactions in the Roobee network exceeded 15 million dollars, all the evidence is on the site roobee. Thanks to the collected 4.

roobee ieo

Roobee Roadmap The idea of the Roobee investment project appeared Q1 The total of Roobee ieo 4,5 million was raised in investments Q2 Main team of developers, analysts and experienced managers was formed who all started working on MPV Q3 15 million USD has beenallocated in variousinvestment products totest hypothesis of crowdinvesting with small threshold Прочитайте больше Licenses for storage and exchange of cryptocurrencies in the EU were obtained Q1 The investment community of the project surpassedusers.

Introduction and closed testing of Roobee MVP including beta versions of Roobee Marketplace and automated investment portfolio management functionalities RoobeeFin.

roobee ieo

roobee ieo работа на бинарных опционах что это

Release of beta version of Roobee mobile application. Application for additional licenses in European market. Signature of first agreements with venture capital and private roobee ieo funds.

тренер по бинарным опционам

The launch of the first operational market for testing. Release of Roobee 0. Release of the beta verison of Roobee own decentralised wallet.


Release of the beta verison of Roobee own blockchain — Roobee Chain. Launch of cooperation with institutional investors. Application for legal licenses in the regions of the second rollout phase. Launch of roobee ieo products.

Roobee - Международная инвестиционная платформа

Public Release of Roobee live version operating on fully compatible blockchain beta. Launch of Roobee own blockchain live version.

разница между реальным и демо счет бинарные опционы продажа и покупка

Launch of Roobee wallet live version. Public Release of Roobee platform live version including investment infrastracture fully compatible with Roobee own roobee ieo. Roobee annual report and audit provided by reputable auditing company.

roobee ieo

Launch of Commodities product.