Как смотреть rane на трейдингвью.

To see it perform nearly identically on my iPhone is pretty incredible.

как смотреть rane на трейдингвью

I cannot imagine the effort from как смотреть rane на трейдингвью that went in to making this work right. Also the alerts you can set on the web version are pushed to the app, meaning notifications on your phone when prices or indicators change.

The lower tier paid packages are worth it in my opinion.

как смотреть rane на трейдингвью

The free tier is just as powerful but with only a few limitations. I just wish there were some testing features for the alerts so I can verify they are set up right, and that I could have it send me a text or even a robo phone call when my alerts are triggered.

как смотреть rane на трейдингвью

That may already exist though, and I may have missed that feature. I learn new features all the time.

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Savvv The list of instruments on a separate tab is so painful No favorites on your drawing tools. That means I have to click three times to get a trend line Как смотреть rane на трейдингвью selector across the top of the screen, making it as hard as possible to reach it with your fingers and again requiring multiple clicks to get what you want.

Near the bottom как смотреть rane на трейдингвью of the screen I should be able to press and hold to show me all my timeframes, then slide and release to select the one I want.

TradingView needs to spend more time thinking about use cases and design ergonomics.